TOUS Primavera Sound Madrid

Stand at Primavera Sound Madrid
A project by Casa Antillón

This project continues our research in the world of dreams. In this case, the objective is to translate the subconscious of a brand into the physical reality of the festival. The “dreamy” universe of TOUS has become a giant jewel in the form of architecture. A pavilion that creates a boundary through a facade, which divides the world of wakefulness from the dream world.

This billboard facade is a scenography, like those in American Westerns. It’s an entertaining play of letters and shapes that break apart into an entrance and a window, giving it scale. This facade is supported by a scaffold structure that allows us to easily assemble and disassemble it since the pavilion will have multiple lives. It is a structure that supports and contains all the activities that take place within.

The fabric covering this structure creates its own landscape of shapes and clouds, interacting with the sky. Additionally, it is a micro-perforated fabric that collaborates with the structure to reduce dynamic wind loads. The interplay of fabrics creates an atmosphere of transparencies that intensifies at night when the sunlight fades and the festival lights come on. Thus, the pavilion changes with the passage of time.

In the center of the pavilion, a courtyard forgets about the outside and looks up to the sky. There, three creatures take center stage: a heart, a flower, and a bear. These three sculptures are actually three jewels, scaled up and brought into reality to live with us in the human world.

Architecture: Casa Antillón
Production: Actimundi
Agency: Está Pasando
Date: 2023
Location: Madrid, España
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Rocío Romero + Miguel de Guzman)

Architects: Casa Antillon
Calle Chimbo 12, Bajo B
28025 Madrid, Spain

Casa Antillón
Marta Ochoa + Yosi Negrín + Ismael López + Emmanuel Álvarez

Casa Antillón is an Art and Architecture collective founded in Madrid in 2019. @casantillon are Marta Ochoa, Ismael López, Emmanuel Álvarez and Yosi Negrín, four architects (ETSAM, UPM) that explore diverse cultural territories, understanding the speciality from exhibition experimentation, the social event, and the curatorship research in emergent art.
Their most recent exhibitions are “Piso Piloto de Arte Emergente (2019), SOLO100SHOW (2019) in Casabanchel, Edén (2020) in Casa de Campo, Domestic Fictions (2021) in Casa de la Moneda de Segovia.
Casa Antillón has now also become an Art Gallery of emergent art and creative space in Carabanchel, Madrid, a shared warehouse with 14 local artists.
As an architecture and design studio, they have created an iconic furniture collection “Domestic Fictions” and their first architectural project “MOOD Hair Salon” in 2021.

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