By Casa Antillón (@casantillon)

Laura and Bea commissioned us to design their hair salon. The empty store had neither light, nor walls, nor floor. The goal was the integral construction of an interesting rectangular space of 5 x 10 meters.

We wanted to accentuate this longitudinal axis, forcing the space according to the main elements of the room, the beam and the pillars, making it wider and brighter. Two main interventions appear on the plan: the broadening of the facade, as a thick entrance and showcase, and the flexion of the background that hides the toilet and the office.

In between, the materiality of galvanized sheet unfolds in the space, endowing it with the main functions of hair salon: a reception, a dye lab and a shelf. In the same way, the material covers the front and the broken bottom of the store, amplifying the space with a mix of reflections.

The project follows the maximum exploitation of the resources to build an iconic and quality space. The colour, the industrial ceiling and the rough materials follow a simple, economic and sincere aesthetics.

Architects: Casa Antillon
Calle Chimbo 12, Bajo B
28025 Madrid, Spain

Casa Antillón
Marta Ochoa + Yosi Negrín + Ismael López + Emmanuel Álvarez

Casa Antillón is an Art and Architecture collective founded in Madrid in 2019. @casantillon are Marta Ochoa, Ismael López, Emmanuel Álvarez and Yosi Negrín, four architects (ETSAM, UPM) that explore diverse cultural territories, understanding the speciality from exhibition experimentation, the social event, and the curatorship research in emergent art.
Their most recent exhibitions are “Piso Piloto de Arte Emergente (2019), SOLO100SHOW (2019) in Casabanchel, Edén (2020) in Casa de Campo, Domestic Fictions (2021) in Casa de la Moneda de Segovia.
Casa Antillón has now also become an Art Gallery of emergent art and creative space in Carabanchel, Madrid, a shared warehouse with 14 local artists.
As an architecture and design studio, they have created an iconic furniture collection “Domestic Fictions” and their first architectural project “MOOD Hair Salon” in 2021.

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