Rehabilitación Colegiata de San Isidro

Arquitectos: Horacio Fernandez Castillo. FDCA Arquitectos
Localización: Madrid, SPAIN

Architects: FDCA


+34 913729836
C/ Pilar Andrade 22
28023, Madrid, SPAIN


FDCA, Fernández del Castillo Architects SLP, was founded in 1991 under the direction of Horacio Fernández del Castillo. In 1996 it adopted its current corporate form and latter on, it adopted the form of a professional society with the modification of the Corporations Law of 2007.

At the present time, FDCA is formed by a team of young architects of a great technical and professional capacity, who develop their professional activity in the field of architecture, rehabilitation and urban design, and have an excellent international presence. The firm FDCA has expanded its horizons in previous years through projects and the participation in competitions in Great Britain, Italy, Dubai, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea and China. In the latter country, through the firm Shanghai Sainasia Architecture Design Consultant Co. Ltd that has been a bridgehead for Spanish architecture in China.

The course of Fernández del Castillo Architects SLP has evolved from an architecture based on rehabilitation and restoration of the architectural heritage to a sustainable architecture from a focused approach in Spain to the development of an activity in the international scene.

Fernández del Castillo’s strength is based on its team of young architects who are prepared to deal with Spanish and international projects. The studio’s philosophy when recruiting new workers aims at having people who master computer programs, have international experience, are willing to improve their technical skills and show enthusiasm for the development of their professional careers in the firm.




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