House and terraces at northern Menorca


House and terraces at northern Menorca
Architect: Carolina González Vives
Colaborators: Javier Reñones, technical and cuantity surveior
Programme: dwelling.
Surface 450m2
The construction of terraces in the slope harvest run off and form soil to grow an oasis of exotic plants in this extreme landscape. The house is integrated in the hydraulic space protecting with its form the more sensitive species, plants and bodys form the Tramontana northern wind and the outside looks. In the center, the pond organizes the surrounding activities. Limits between interior and exterior spaces blur, and architecture turns into a big stepped porch under the shadow that looks to the sea.

Architects: Carolina Gonzalez Vives

Carolina Gonzalez Vives
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Ojo de Pez Arquitectura was founded in 2005 by Carolina González Vives as a professional practice focused on architecture and design at different scales.  Our work looks for synergies and links between design practice and environmental issues, based on innovation, technology and creativity.

Our office affords a very wide scope of professional requests, with a flexible team of specialists in different areas. The quality of our work is based on a wide experience as well as in a solid and continuous research, developed simultaneously through academic activities and publications in international media. Since 2009 Carolina is associated teacher in the architectural design department at Universidad de Alcalá, and currently teaching in the Master de Arquitectura del Paisaje, Universidad San Pablo Ceu and in the Master in City Sciences, UPM.  She has been visiting fellow at AridLands Institute in Los Ángeles, California.

The office production has been widely published and exhibited and has received several national awards