DOSIS is a laboratory of creative processes founded by Isabel Collado and Ignacio Peydro that is committed to pushing the boundaries of the built environment with innovative architectural solutions. In each of their projects, the design strategies and solutions are a reflection of design research, using practice as an experimentation platform in which architecture navigates a wide scope of design interests that transcend basic pragmatic requirements to achieve extraordinary results. Each project is undertaken as an opportunity to explore creative design methodologies, strategies and solutions, always driving their attention towards the feasibility of building technology, structural systems and sustainable environmental strategies.

We are a multidisciplinary architecture & design firm with a team formed by extraordinary architects and designers with expertise on architecture, urban design, landscape, graphic, furniture & object design, 3D modeling, digital manufacturing and virtual reality. This holistic approach to design allows the team to tackle each project from a wide range of directions to acquire the best results.

We operate globally because we believe that design is knowledge, and knowledge has no physical restrictions even when it addresses local conditions. We seek excellence in all of our work, as a result, it has been widely published around the globe, our projects have been exhibited in London, Geneva, San Francisco, Paris, Madrid and Valencia and have been awarded with multiple international prizes and awards.

Proyectos de DOSIS en imagensubliminal