Stand Comunidad de Madrid Arco 06

Arquitect: Luis Úrculo
Localización: Madrid, SPAIN

Arquitectos: Luis Urculo

Luis Uruculo0904 refresh   019

+34 917024031
C/ General Martínez Campos 47 6º Izq.
28010, Madrid, SPAIN

Luis Urculo (Madrid 1978). Lives and works between Madrid and Mexico DF

My background in architecture has always been a very deep influence and a starting point in the investigation of my work. I am interested in all that is peripheral to architecture, the processes, developments and approaches that can be manipulated, sampled and translated into other scales, adapting to the composition of the project, creating new scenes/ experiences / expectations not contemplated previously.

I work on a redefenition of the possible tools, procedures and formats within architecture. Mainly is an investigation focused on representation and the capture-narrative of the ‘invisible’ that defines the space. A work not so directly related with the gravity and weight, a value which has been a main unit to measure construction and its mediatic impact on the last decades.


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