Pabellon Ayuntamiento de Madrid en la Feria del Libro 2008

Arquitecto: Sanina Dantas
Localización: Parque del Retiro, Madrid, SPAIN
Fecha: 06/2008

Arquitectos: Sanina Dantas


Rua Artilharia 1, nº22 Rc Dtº
1250-040, Lisboa, PORTUGAL

Olga Sanina & Marcelo Dantas Arquitectos is an architecture studio launched in 2003 whilst students, as a need to complement our ongoing academical journey with a first approach to the “real life”. This partnership has been successful since day one and from then on seeks to broaden its activity range beyond the conventional architecture realm.

The team defines itself as being composed of two clearly different visions of architecture, but ones that complement each other when combined. The studio seeks to create its own space in the contemporary architectural scene, and to do so it crosses different scales, programmatical issues and themes, letting them all contaminate each other in every new project.

The scope of our activity ranges from concept to construction design, from small temporary buildings to large scale projects, from housing, to comercial or healthcare, taking advantage of a 10 year experience in both small and large scale architecture offices.