Laniakea. Light installation, Plaza de Canalejas, Madrid 2019
by Brut Deluxe

The light installation, denominated Laniakea is a site-specific design by commission of the City of Madrid for Plaza Canalejas and Carrera de San Jeronimo coinciding with the termination of the refurbishment and partial pedestrianisation of the area.

The light installation is dynamic with some light motives subtly shifting colours and others pulsating like stars. The installation is inspired by the images of the nebulae and galaxies realised by the Hubble telescope and the feelings that immediately associate at its contemplation: the hypnotic astonishment facing the immensity of space, the infinity of stars and possible worlds mixed with the recorded memories of the real contemplation of the Milky Way, also present but steadily further away and apparently unreal due to the lack of darkness of the night sky in more urbanised society each day.

Laniakea (immense sky) is the supercluster of galaxies that contains our galaxy, the Milky Way. The different light modules represent all kinds of galaxies, nebulae, stars and comets and, in an outstanding way, the star of Bethlehem.

The installation covers 3300m2 and is realised with a total of 55.000 LEDs summing an installed power of only 4.6kW. The three spheres with a diameter of 1m are lit with 1.800 LEDs each.

Design: Ben Bushe / Brut Deluxe
Team: Philip Baumann, Elisa Luda
Constructor: XIMENEZ.S.A.
Cliene: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Area: Plaza de Canalejas y Carrera de San Jerónimo
Location: Madrid, España
Date: 2019
Status: Temporal, construido
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Architects: Brut Deluxe


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Brut Deluxe is an architecture and design studio headed by Ben Busche. Founded in 2004, Brut Deluxe operates today from two platforms in Madrid and Munich.

Brut Deluxe is focused on the investigation and creation of space and its atmospheric qualities. The projects oscillate between different scales of urban intervention: from ephemeral artistic installations to industrial design, construction design and urbanism.

According to project objectives, a multidisciplinary team involving architects, artists, designers and engineers are engaged in the design process. Brut Deluxe thrives on the international academic education and provenance of its team members.

Brut Deluxe is oriented towards the social, economic and aesthetic qualities of the projects and combines both scientific strategies and artistic approximations in the creative process.