Swimming pool

by Nomos

On the outskirts of Geneva, the private property is sheltered from the main road by
large trees. At its center is an early 20th century villa that is characteristic of the Swiss
‘Heimatstil’ architecture style. Previously renovated by NOMOS, the house opens at the
back on several levels.
The swimming pool is the last of a series of terrace spaces, with its water falling into a
scenery of fallow grounds. The materials used to build it create a coherent transition
between a 20th century house and a contemporary basin. The cover of the natural grey
‘Villebois’ stone brings continuity to the tones of the master house facade.
The basin, covered in stoneware mosaic, gives a transparency to the water that breaks
from the saturated turquoise colours of traditional swimming pools. In doing so, the
pool recalls the aesthetics of an old town square fountain.

Architects: NOMOS – http://nomos.archi
Location: Geneva
Work: Swimming pool
Completion date: 2016

Architects: Nomos


20 rue Boissonnas

1227 Les Acacias


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