Centro de Salud el Alisal

Arquitecto: Gil Nagel Localización: Santander, SPAIN Fecha: 07/2009


Architects: GilNagel


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GILNAGEL ARQUITECTOS has been operating from Madrid since 1995. During this period, we have performed projects of very diverse nature, mainly centered in Health, Educational and Residential Architecture. Our designs and solutions strive for a balance between ideas and pragmatism, the community and the individual, the useful and the comfortable, the desired and the possible, always prioritizing the respect for the environment and providing a full architectural design and engineering answer. From the initial designs development, our work rests upon an efficient organization, coordination with consultants, dialogue, budget control and a solid knowledge of regulations. Our architectural team is multicultural, open and reinforced with excellent collaborators and associated offices. Thanks to our high requirement level, we have won many building competitions and we work with several of the principal Spanish Public Administrations. All our work has been positively certified by our clients.