Webster Green

Webster Green is a new mixed-use affordable and supportive housing development in the Bronx which addresses program and housing needs of The Dow Fund. Located on a grayfield site, this new 77,000 sf development consists of 82 units in a range of studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments. On the ground floor are several administrative and program management offices for The Doe Fund as well as a large community space facing onto Webster Avenue, and the laundry room. On the ground floor, an interior landscaped courtyard includes native plants and shrubs, seating areas, a playground and a series of urban gardens and will be accessible to residents, and program staff.

The building includes sustainable initiatives as indicated in its name, including a large non-accessible green roof on the 7th Floor setback with a rainwater harvesting system, a photovoltaic system at the top roof, low-E thermally broken Energy Star windows, and low VOC paints, primers and caulks and water-saver faucets and showerheads.

The building meets the requirements for NYSERDA Multi-Family Building Performance Program for New Construction, fulfills Energy Star guidelines and meets LEED for Homes Mid-Rise standards under the U.S. Green Building Council.

Location: Bronx NY
Client: The Doe Fund / The Housing Collaborative, LLC
Size: 77,000 SF
Number of Units: 82

Arquitectos: MAP


42 West 39th Street, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10018
212 253 7820

For over three decades, Magnusson Architecture and Planning (MAP) has pioneered outstanding building design and urban revitalization projects as the foundation for vibrant and sustainable communities. Our top priority is to assist non-profit groups, municipalities, and developers to reshape neighborhoods to improve their residents’ quality of life. Decades after our firm was founded in 1986, we continue to reinvent the design of urban housing, mixed-use developments, and originate new approaches to planning urban neighborhoods.

MAP invests in creating positive outcomes. We walk the streets that residents walk, talking with them and listening to their ideas. By interacting directly with the users of our buildings and neighborhoods, we learn about the context and culture of their communities. More than just building spaces for people to live in, we design community.

We actively serve the Community through our dedicated Volunteering Program, which began in early 2015. Almost every month, a team of MAP staff, friends, and family dedicate their personal time to a project that revitalizes, completes, or improves the buildings we have designed. We focus on tasks that can involve the residents of the building, whether it is cooking a meal, painting a mural or planting a garden. As often as possible we bring together our team, our client’s team, and tenants to collaborate; in addition, we host ongoing food and clothing drives. MAP’s mission is to build sustainable communities through all our actions. Our client relationships allow our staff to engage in that mission beyond architecture and planning, and to spend time with the people who occupy and benefit from the spaces we create. We continue to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, one effort at a time.

Our most acclaimed project, the Melrose Commons Urban Renewal Plan in the South Bronx, began as a pro bono effort. For 20 years, we replaced empty lots and abandoned buildings with over 1,000 new affordable housing units in a 30-block neighborhood. Ultimately, the new development has changed the destiny of local residents. To date MAP has designed and built nearly 20 properties in the master plan.

We don’t just revitalize neighborhoods – we also lead the way in transforming industrial and waterfront sites into attractive residential areas. MAP converted a former brewery site into Rheingold Gardens, an award-winning affordable and sustainable community.

We specialize in bringing people of different incomes together to collectively raise the standard of living for all. Atlantic Terrace – a mixed-income, mixed-use LEED-Gold certified building – offers sustainable and affordable housing in a diverse community adjacent to a major transit hub. Creston Avenue Residence provides new supportive housing integrated with social service provider Volunteers of America – Greater New York offices in a LEED-Platinum Certified Building.

In all of our projects, we provide new opportunities in the buildings we design, the streets we plan, and the neighborhoods we create.

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