Architects: CH+QS


+34 915531100
C/ Fernández de la Hoz, 61 L4
28003, Madrid, SPAIN

Josemaria Churtichaga + Cayetana of the Quadra-Salcedo founded the firm ch+qs in Madrid in 1995. Their work you have been prized in several competitions, and you have been widely published in national and international magazines. >From its foundation, ch+qs has designed, City councils, Swimming pools, Libraries, Cultural Centers, Kiosks, Cabins, Great houses, Establishments in the Sahara for petroliferous companies, Boats, Furniture, Books, Typographies… in a deliberate rejection to the specialization, since we believe on “transfusions” between all the creative problems, independently of its nature and climbs. The work of ch+qs has also deserved numerous prizes and distinctions in recognition to its work.


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