Private residence in Prosperidad

Private residence in Prosperidad
A project by PRÁCTICA

This project consists on the refurbishment of a small 107-sqm private residence in Prosperidad, Madrid, Spain. The densely-packed program and the limited access to natural light, resulted in a series of design solutions focused around the concepts of the enfilade, the deep threshold and the expanded inhabitable wall.

Firstly, the apartment is divided into two areas. One area contains all the public spaces, including the living room, the kitchen/dining room and an office. The other area contains the more private spaces, including three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Since the area was so tight against the number of required rooms, the entire layout is structured without any hallways, hence optimizing the available square footage. All the public rooms are linearly juxtaposed in an enfilade manner. They are all connected by a series of expanded openings that face each other, adding depth to the spaces, maximizing the impact of natural light and extending the interior views. These expanded openings can be closed by a series of large sliding doors with mirrored surfaces. The mirrors reflect the interior space, maintaining or even expanding the depth of the enfilade scheme when they are partially or completely closed. When two consecutive pairs of doors are shut, their reflective surfaces create an infinite enfilade visual effect.

The different rooms in the apartment are connected through a series of deep thresholds. These thresholds frame the interior views of the residence and connect all the spaces, while establishing a clear physical limit between the otherwise continuous units. They are marked by a strong material, textural and chromatic contrast. On the one hand, the main finishes of the apartment revolve around a white color palette. They include white plastic paint for the walls and ceilings, white macael marble for the floors and white lacquer for the built-in cabinetry. On the other hand, the thresholds are highlighted by the use of naturally finished oakwood paneling on the floors, jambs and lintels. The sliding door guides and edges are also lined in oak wood so that they are completely concealed when fully open. Two of these thresholds, linked to the three bedrooms, are deeper than the rest, conforming the walk-in closet areas and the accesses to the bathrooms, hidden behind seamless doors.

The various spaces are divided by a series of thick partitions in the form of expanded inhabitable walls. All partitions are 70 cm thick, and they contain several cabinets, kitchen appliances and closets. These expanded walls provide all the necessary storage space for the Private Residence in Prosperidad, while also maximizing the noise insulation between rooms and the climate conditioning sectorization in between spaces.

Finally, a kitchen island, clad in brushed stainless-steel sheet, stands in the center of the public enfilade. The steel finish on the island adds veiled reflections to it, making it blend into its surroundings, emphasizing the depth of the enfilade. The two bathrooms and laundry room are completely covered in light-grey microcement, which runs over the floor, walls, ceiling, showers, sinks and even cabinets. The doors on the latter are finished in mirror and retro-lit by hidden LED strips.

Architecture: PRÁCTICA
Architects: Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral, José Ramón Sierra
Collaborators: Beatriz Whithman
QS: José Carlos Menasalvas
Facilities: José Carlos Menasalvas
Constructor: ​Vita Construcciones
Client: Private
Surface: 107 m2
Date: 2023
Location: Madrid, Spain
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Architects: PRACTICA

Eguilaz 5, 1º Ext. Izq. 28010 Madrid, Spain
Castillo de Utrera, 5 Local 41013 Seville, Spain
+34 910 41 07 37

PRÁCTICA was founded by Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral and José Ramón Sierra while working together at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Their broad international professional experiences throughout Switzerland, UK, USA, Chile and Spain, and collaboration with firms such as Herzog & de Meuron, David Chipperfield Architects, Rafael Moneo, e2a Architekten, Tod Williams Billie Tsien, Sergison Bates Architects and Ábalos-Sentkiewicz, project a global view on their works of various scales and programs.

PRÁCTICA’s founders attended the Technical Schools of Architecture of Madrid and Seville (ETSAM and ETSAS), before pursuing a Masters of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. They continue to have an active role in Academia through teaching and research positions at Harvard University GSD, Columbia University GSAPP, Universidad Católica de Chile and Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. PRÁCTICA has grown to become a diverse and multidisciplinary team of global professionals, with experts in architecture, urbanism and design. Their varied perspectives and experiences contribute to building a nourishing design environment that translates into creative and unexpected solutions. PRÁCTICA’s work has been exhibited and published at several international institutions such as MoMA New York, the Architecture Biennials of Venice, Chile and Spain, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Columbia University GSAPP and University of Seville among others.

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