by Enrique Krahe

The everyday life and customs of the hebraic community of Alburquerque is well known since the middle ages. Cult would take place in a synagogue that both tradition and some authors locate at C. Derecha 15, in the ‘Villa Adentro’, the walled center of the village, North of the Castle hill.

The estate needed an interior renovation in order to comply with the requirements of a commercial-corporate use, with the possibility of sporadically hosting guests. Exterior rooms are kept in their previous shape, with small openings scattered across the façade. Instead, interior spaces needed some resource to get natural light and ventilation, given the strict local legislation that would not allow skylights nor roof windows… Therefore a large chimney was erected to achieve a double aim: to channel the ventilation (natural and mechanical) of bathroom and kitchen, and to provide natural light to the interior room and the double height kitchen, turned into the core of the house.

A massive table, carved out a single piece of marble from Alentejo turns the kitchen (ironically enough) into the operations centre of a renown iberian pig producer, giving rise to gastronomic rituals to greater glory of pork meat, something would have somehow profaned the ‘sacredness’ of the original building.

Architects: Enrique Krahe
Colaboradores: Aranzazu Montero, Francisco Yáñez, Anna Ferreira
Contratista: Pedro Durán Mobiliario: Marisa Abad
Location: Alburquerque, Badajoz, Spain
Date: 2015-2017
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Architects: Enrique Krahe

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Enrique Krahe graduated from ETSA Madrid in 1999. Previously, he had studied in Venice and Paris. Since 2000 he runs his own practice in Madrid and since 2009 in Delft [Netherlands]. Working on his own, his office’s proposals have been awarded in several architectural competitions [Lamp, Hernández Gil, IALD, Europan 8 Cáceres, Europan 9 Trondheim, Europan 10 Emmen, Nominee EU Mies Awards 2009-2011, FAD, AR+d, Enor, Saloni…].
At the same time, he’s developed a continuous editorial activity, started in 2002 co-editor of Oeste Magazine. His critical essays have been published in books and magazines.
He has been granted as researcher by the COAM Cultural Foundation, has conducted workshops in the UIC [Barcelona], NTNU Trondheim [Norway], Iberoamerican University of Puebla [Mexico], TU Delft and has been teaching in the UCJC until he moved to Delft, where he currently collaborates with several universities. His projects have been published in numerous media and have taken part in exhibitions such us VIII BIA, Freshmadrid, XI Mostra Internazionale di Architettura di Venecia or VII BIAU.