tini office
by delaVegaCanolasso

Tini is prefabricated modules made in Spain in 60 days and transported to any location. Each model comes ready-to-use and is fully furnished.
This featured module was for a garden office, fully custom-made for the client’s needs. The module seamlessly blends into the trees and has magnificent views of the oak garden.
The module is made of a Corten Steel frame lined with OSB Poplar wood, insulated with 12cm of recycled cotton.
All kitchen furniture, cabinets and worktables are made of local wood, pine and poplar.
The chairs are custom made by Dr. Cato, and the remaining furnishings are midcentury.
The walls are decorated with works from delavegacanolasso, antique fabrics sewn by machine with unique designs.
The space also features a collection of interior plants from Selvaviva.
The result is a space that maximizes every square meter, and provides a warm environment from which to work, rest, and observe nature.

Architecture: delaVegaCanolasso / ignacio de la Vega + Pilar Cano-Lasso www.delavegacanolasso.com
Team: tini / www.tinyhome.es
Construction: tini / www.tinyhome.es
Area: 22 m2
Client: Private
Location: Madrid, España
Date: 2020
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Architects: De la Vega Cano Lasso


+34 649 95 44 60
+34 660 069 099
Madrid, SPAIN

Pilar Cano Lasso
Arquitecto por la Universidad San Pablo Ceu

Ignacio de la Vega
Arquitecto por la universdad politécnica de Madrid

“La brecha que separa a los arquitectos de la sociedad es algo que debe preocuparnos especialmente. La sociedad es nuestro cliente y en gran medida la arquitectura es un reflejo de la sociedad que la construye. La sociedad esta desorientada y los arquitectos, con nuestras modas y caprichos, tenemos mucha culpa. Hoy la arquitectura es para arquitectos”

Julio Cano Lasso

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