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César Ruiz -Larrea Cangas born in Madrid where he graduated as an architect in 1976 from the School of Architecture, has been professor of projects from 1982-2004 . He completed his training in New York and in Spain with some of the teachers as Oíza , Carvajal and Cano Lasso. In 1987 and until 1997 as the Study of Architecture 3AC with Carlos Rubio Carvajal and Enrique Álvarez -Sala Walther . In the year 1997 he constitutes de Ruiz-Larrea & asssociates firm. In 2010 the international firm is OSA , Office for Sustainable Architecture.
He has been guest lecturer at schools of architecture CEU , European University , University of Navarra. Teacher projects and guest speaker and lecturer at leading schools of architecture in our country and abroad. Architect selected in the Venice Biennale , his work has received several national and international awards for architecture .
Vice President of the Spanish Association of Architecture and Sustainability. ( ASA ) International Prize for Architecture Benedict Adwards National Representative in Congress Architecture Green Building Challenge in Tokyo where he received the 1st prize .
Among his works include the architects’ associations Gijon and Oviedo , Sogecable Headquarters in Madrid, the Renewable Energy Center in Pamplona , the headquarters of the National Statistics Institute in Madrid and currently just finished the headquarters of the Andalusian Agency Energy in Seville . His work on Sustainable Architecture is a reference in the Spanish cultural scene and prove of that are the multiple publications on his work and international awards.

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