The lighting installations are a specific design commissioned by the City of Madrid to represent Nativity Scenes in various monuments and emblematic buildings in the centre of Madrid. The designs are a development or variations of the Nativity Scene in the Puerta de Alcala, also designed by Brut Deluxe as early as 2006 and modified and improved over the years on several occasions (necessary in part by changing from incandescent lighting to LED).

The Nativity scenes are composed of several layers. The central figures are represented in an abstract outline and superimposed with different more diffuse layers portraying floral motifs, divine light, clouds and stars creating a collage of light.

The light installations are inspired by the gothic rosettes and glass windows that acquired a double symbolism. On the one hand, their mission was to illuminate the interior of the temples and on the other hand it was to add mysticism to the altar by the rays of light filtered through the multicoloured stained glass windows. In our case, we applied this double function of the light pieces on an urban scale, converting the location scenarios into thresholds of passage to the sublime.

Technical data:
Puerta de Toledo motif: 47m2 (4,50m x 10,50m), 212kg, 15.234 Leds, 6,1 kW
Viducto motif: 50m2, 210kg, 16.518 Leds, 7,9 kW

design: Ben Busche / Brut Deluxe
team: Philip Baumann, Elisa Luda
client: City of Madrid
contractor: Ximenez SA
area: Puerta De Toledo, Puerta de San Vicente, Viaducto calle Segovia, Plaza Mayor
year: 2019
photography: Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero
status: temporary/ built

Architects: Brut Deluxe


calle Alburquerque 5 – 5 izq
28010 Madrid
tel: +34 91 442 76 74
mail: imad(at)


Schieβstättstraβe 24 RG.EG
80339 München
tel: +49 (89) 389 993 80
mail: imuc(at)

Brut Deluxe is an architecture and design studio headed by Ben Busche. Founded in 2004, Brut Deluxe operates today from two platforms in Madrid and Munich.

Brut Deluxe is focused on the investigation and creation of space and its atmospheric qualities. The projects oscillate between different scales of urban intervention: from ephemeral artistic installations to industrial design, construction design and urbanism.

According to project objectives, a multidisciplinary team involving architects, artists, designers and engineers are engaged in the design process. Brut Deluxe thrives on the international academic education and provenance of its team members.

Brut Deluxe is oriented towards the social, economic and aesthetic qualities of the projects and combines both scientific strategies and artistic approximations in the creative process.