Medialab/Prado. Rehabilitación y acondicionamiento de la Serrería Belga para sede de Centro Medialab/Prado


Architects: María Langarita y Víctor Navarro
Architects directors: María Langarita y Víctor Navarro
Collaborators: Elena Castillo, Marta Colón, Javier González Galán, Roberto González, Juan Palencia, Guillermo Trapiello, Gonzalo Gutiérrez, Paula García-Masedo
Surveyor: Santiago Hernán Martín
Structures: Mecanismo
Facilities: Úrculo Ingenieros
Others: Paisajismo: Lorena García Rodríguez
Location: Calle Alameda 15 28014 Madrid, SPAIN
Date: 11/2012
Client: Área de las Artes. Ayuntamiento de Madrid



Architects: Langarita Navarro

victor navarro y maria langarita

+34 915645984
C/ Grijalba 8, 28006,
Madrid, SPAIN

María Langarita graduated in architecture from Universidad de Navarra,and she is a lecturer in Architectural Projects at ETSA Madrid.

Víctor Navarro graduated in architecture from ETSA Madrid and he actually works as a lecturer in Architectural Projects at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

They work together since 2005 as Langarita-Navarro designing and managing teams powered by innovation, efficiency and imagination, connecting desires and knowledge, resources and technology, expectations and experience.

They have been recognized with the Special Mention of Mies van der Rohe Award in 2013 and with several other prizes as XII BEAU Prize, FAD Prize 2012, ar+d Award for Emerging Architecture 2012, AD Heineken Award to the New Talents 2013 or COAM Prize 2013. Their work has been selected to be exhibited in different places and events, including the XI Biennale di Venezia in 2008. They have been the directors of XII BEAU – UIMP summer course and they were selected to be Jurors for the Santo Domingo Bienale.