Housing building in Geneva
Nomos architects

The new building is in the heart of an open, green courtyard in the Malagnou area of Geneva. Located on the same axis of its neighbour building, it is of similar proportions.
With five floors and an attic, Krieg is shaped as a cube with cutout angles. This morphology helps to keep a distance with opposite buildings and offers views across the park and courtyard.

Typologies are organised symmetrically around a central core: four identical one-
bedroom apartments or two mirrored two-bedroom flats. The spatial organisation of each apartment is differentiated by the placement of windows in angles or on walls.

The window openings gradually change in width. They are reminiscent of music paper winding around the facade and they organise the day and night living spaces inside.

The facade elements, composed of concrete and white Carrara marble, underline the look of a ‘Palazzo bianco’ in the green courtyard.

Location: Geneva, Avenue Krieg
Programme: 14 housing units
Client: Private
Date: 2015

Architects: Nomos


20 rue Boissonnas

1227 Les Acacias


T +41 22 308 43 00
F +41 22 308 43 19


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