Architects: Beatriz Ciaurri Ramón López Neira
Igúzquiza, Spain

A couple in their thirties with two kids decided to leave the city to live in the village, on a piece of land once cultivated by his father . Facing the slopes of Monjardín Peak where Paul’s sheep graze.

The work has been shared with the owners , which has led to significant savings in construction costs. They managed the guilds , carried out some of the elements of the job, did the masonry work with his brothers …

The village, with restrictive aesthetic regulations , is surrounded by a hypertrophied natural environment of great beauty .

The house contains two houses, born as a pre-existing . The intimate house ( bedroom volume ) and the social house ( living room and fireplace volume ) . Both are connected by a flat roof , the transposition of the field , which houses the servant spaces . The two volumes of stone and pitched roofs house the livings , monastic . Living with the basics, back to the luxury of generous space and nature.

The constructive differences between the different spaces of the house produces ” sensitive variations ” . It is the “breath” of the house. The stone volumes are built with 70 cm thick walls , pitched roofs and large openings with a solar control system tucked away, made out of adjustable and stackable wide planks . The horizontal space houses the kitchen , playground , bathrooms and laundry . It is built with a reinforced concrete slab supported on wooden columns that modulate the blind enclosure of the north-west façade made out of painted plywood panels with hemp insulation batts. It also modulates the southeast façade built with glass doors and fixed glazings that completely open up the kitchen area , the games room and part of the living room .

As an additional review of the place : the Santesteban Valley was, and is still a valley of farmers. Rain watered crops dominate, especially asparagus. The valley is crowned by Monjardín Peak , bounded by holm oak forests crossing the Way to Santiago and the Loquiz mountain range that marks horizontally the sky like a giant karstic wave to the West.

Architects: Lopez Neira Ciaurri


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LOPEZNEIRACIAURRI , was established in 2003 by Ramón López Neira together with Beatriz Ciaurri, both architects from the Navarra School of Architecture (Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Navarra)& both with A Grades. Every project is unique and requires its own interpretation, whether it involves a house, school, office building, museum or urban development plan. We don’t like trends and don’t work with presupposed styles. Our office is an atelier. The development of our ideas makes it essential to be in contact with other people. They lead us to adopt different approaches and oblige us to focus or put things into perspective. We always contract specialized structural engineers and consultants and when a project requires us to work with landscape architects and interior designers we will do so in order to achieve an optimum end product. Professionalism is vital. Broad knowledge and experience, both in the fields of construction technology and methodology, and of process management are required. We believe in an integrated approach. At each moment in the process, we are aware of factors such as construction time, cost and methodology. Besides these, we rely on a simple organisational structure with a clear approach, short lines of communication and clear contact people. We work on special projects for special clients Discussions with our clients are very important. We take the time and the space for research, surprises and new insights, in order to achieve a shared vision for a project, together with the client, users and all other people concerned. We notice that clients and contractors can appreciate our approach


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