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idoia otegui

Idoia Otegui

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Eduardo Dato 11, 12º ático
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Idoia Otegui. Arquitecto.

Idoia Otegui is an architect by the ETSAM since 1996. She establishes i!_arquitectura in 2014 to begin a new labor stage, this time alone, after being for 15 years co directing PO2 architects. She is an associate professor of architectural projects in the Architecture School of Alcalá de Henares since 2008 and her creations from PO2 architects have been exposed and published both in the national and international arena, underlining two participations in the “Bienal” of Architecture of Venice (2002 and 2006), the “Camuñas” price to young architects in 2006, the participation in the international exposition “JAE” and the publication of the monographic of her creation “monoespacios 4” by the “Fundación COAM”.

Most of her creations from her time in PO2 architects were the result of the prices from national and international Architecture contests, the best way for the development of ideas and that were rewarded and recognized through expositions, publications, conferences and more than 25 prices in projects that were mainly public and singular. In this new phase post Crisis and post PO2, Idoia Otegui changed singularity and the impact of image for a minimal architecture that searches for excellence in a smaller scale, a service personalized for the client, control of all the process to guarantee the final result and the preoccupation for the most emotional aspect. All of this is supported by the combination and enrichment of her face as professor in Architecture Projects and constant investigation.

Proyectos de Idoia Otegui en imagensubliminal