Hence Flagship Store in Madrid had the main target of modifying the usage and paths of a 900 m2 store in three floors, and only 30 m2 surface at the street level.

We decided to place the brand offices in the upper floor and funnel the retail space in the lower two floors, that can be seen by the client from the store entrance. All existing stairs were demolished, leaving the stairs hole as the spatial connection between offices and store, and three big size trees where implanted there.

Then, the commercial space was left to two and half floors, thought as a big concrete box that hosts a slice of wood, which is the forged between both levels.

The sustainable philosophy of the brand can be saw in the using of recycled materials, such as the third-live-wood on the lower ceiling, the natural green spaces or the cork and paper furniture at the office. All this range of materials are combined with strong presence elements, like solid glass bricks walls, natural wood flooring or the mentioned concrete box in walls, lower flooring and upper ceiling.


Architects: Destudio Architecture www.destudio.es
Date: 2018
Location: Madrid
Photography: ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero) www.imagensubliminal.com


Architects: Destudio

+34 96 005 19 10
Calle del Mar, 43 – Bajo Derecha
46003, Valencia, SPAIN

Destudio Arquitectura is an architecture, build and interior design studio formed by different professionals that is in charge of residential, retail, contract and hospitality projects, among other fields, based in different cities.

We focus our architecture on a commitment not only with aesthetics and functionality, but also with sustainability and economy. This can be achieved by making a full project management, from the design, and taking care of the process until the end of the works. Any of our projects must be adapted to the environment where it will exist and that is why we demand ourselves precision on designing and innovation in new technologies and materials, apart from a sustainable mentality that must be reflected not only on the working process but also in the final result.

We have our own building team to execute the wholeness works and take care of every detail and give our clients a full made project. Our interior design work is added to that, focused on furniture design and solving last little details of the process.

All that is possible thanks to a great human capital that is the biggest strength of the studio, counting with professional people that enjoy with excellence in their work and dump their illusion in achieving our client’s dreams.

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