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Fundbüro is an international design firm based in Berlin. Our multidisciplinary team explores from an innovative point of view the connections between design and society through different fields.

We know:

Our cities and habitats, the way we live and relate to each other are going to change within the next few years. Society is continually in evolution, the last advances in science and technology will generate extraordinary and extremely fast changes, but also the risk of the inequality gap enlargement will be higher. Our capacity of adaptation and understanding is going to be challenged. Therefore, our cities, buildings, and objects can no longer be designed based only on the needs of their immediate surroundings. They must also be capable of being a physical support of the digital world to allow and potentiate connectivity inside our communities and between them. They must be empathic, and have the capacity of changing physically and qualitatively to adapt and evolve to fit new scenes and environments, being always an asset to their ecosystems.

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