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The projects on this website represent the Studio’s two founding principles:
– Architecture as a social tool to humanise urban surroundings.
– Architecture as a tool to innovate – within the bounds of the client’s wishes – and freely exercise artistic expression as a contribution to culture through construction.

The community is central to the way we live, providing support where it is needed most. We believe the architecture that surrounds us should be considered as part of that community and in turn collaborate to provide for its needs.

On the other hand, we believe in the value of the architect’s vocation. Art adds value to everyday living, contributing a new, dynamic and stimulating dimension. Architecture as art can bring vibrancy, colour and imagination to our surroundings.

The studio designs to serve the community and bring art to the built environment.

This is why we have preferred to work on architectural projects that aim to benefit the community rather than those with a commercial interest; architecture with design potential; architecture on a scale that can be controlled from the studio during the whole process rather than resort to middle-men; useful architecture rather than architecture for show; economically-efficient architecture over extravagant architecture; architecture that displays logic opposed to architecture that hides its essence.

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