Espinosa + Moreno Architects
C/ Fuente del Rey, 10
28023 Madrid, SPAIN

ESPINOSA+MORENO ARQUITECTOS was founded in Madrid in 2001 by architects Ana Espinosa García-Valdecasas (ETSAM 1998), Álvaro Moreno Hernández (ETSAM 1997, PhD Arch UPM-ETSAM 2016) and María Espinosa García-Valdecasas (ETSAM 2002). The team is involved with researching and teaching since 2003, mainly through participation in Cátedra Blanca Madrid Project at the ETSAM, as a result of UPM agreement with CEMEX.

ESPINOSA+MORENO ARQUITECTOS is committed to excellence through the exhaustive work on each project to find the optimal solution, with maximum dedication in design and execution. The maximum rigor allows to achieve the economic viability of the built work showing the strength of the original project, its essence.

Its activity is focused on building by developing direct commission projects and awards resulting from contests won for Public Administration.

Projects from the architect