Do It Together_ Modular system made of cardboard and Velcro for material and immaterial community self-construction processes.

A project by Husos Platform

“Do It Together” is a modular, self-assembly masonry system made of cardboard and Velcro that was designed by Husos. The aim is to have a space that can be determined and gradually built by the community of artists participating in the artistic project “Here Together Now“ and other residence programs during 2013 in nave 16.1 in Matadero-Madrid. It revives the tradition of using paper and cardboard in architecture by proposing a system of large boxes stuck together with Velcro, a technique that is reversible, and at the same time highly stable. This system is designed to provide flexibility and enable self-construction of a space, giving each individual and the community as a whole the opportunity to build their own working place and choose how they want to interact with one another.


Design: Plataforma Husos (Diego Barajas, Camilo García, Xavier Robledo)

Agents Involved (“Here Together Now” Project): Artists: Theo Firmo, Sibel Horada, Iz Öztat, Diego del Pozo, Dilek Winchester / Art Writer: Cristina Anglada / Mediators: Pedagogías Invisibles: Andrea de Pascual, Eva Morales López, David Lanau / Matadero Coordination: Manuela Villa, Olivia Rico / Spatial mediators: Plataforma Husos: Diego Barajas, Camilo García, Xavier Robledo

Assembly: Cristina Anglada, Diego Barajas, Miguel Ángel Benjumea, Andrea de Pascual, Theo Firmo, Camilo García, Sibel Horada, Iz Öztat, Eva Morales López, David Lanau, Verónica López, Jacqueline Ordoñez, Diego del Pozo, Paula Poblete, Olivia Rico, Xavier Robledo, Carolina Solar, Montse Soria, Manuela Villa, Dilek Winchester.

Coordination: Manuela Villa, Olivia Rico

Client: Matadero Madrid.

Matadero Madrid, Centro de Creación Contemporánea, Madrid. Nave 16.1.

DATES 2013
Assembly: 2-8 de Enero. Work in Progress: 8 de Enero – 12 de Febrero.
Public Presentation: 13 de Febrero – 10 de Marzo

Architects: Husos

Husos is a platform for the development of both spatial interventions and research projects in architecture and urbanism. Based in Madrid Husos operates regularly between Spain and Colombia.

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