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Paseo de la Habana 48, 7D
28036, Madrid, SPAIN

Díaz Del Bó y Asociados is an architecture and urban design firm specialised in project design and building, ranging from territorial and urban scale works to architecture and design.

The Firm’s Director, Architect D. Antonio Díaz Del’Bó, has carried out numerous construction works and projects in Spain and other European countries since 1988. Previously, he had developed an outstanding professional activity in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This accumulated experience has resulted in the development of works of major technical importance, of public interest and involving large investments, ranging from urban and urbanisation projects to building project s and works. His clients are not only important private firms but also different levels of State administrations as well as other consultant associations, due to the very specialised and qualified services he provides that are rarely available in the professional market.

He has developed urban plans for cities or sectors of cities; urban tourist plots; large scale urban projects including the following areas: railway, airport, ports, industrial parks, new cities, residential areas, public highways, urbanisation of sectors; architecture projects and direction of works: housing, offices and commercial and cultural areas, and exceptional urban projects that thoroughly express his capability and experience. He has also obtained prizes in many national and international architecture and urban design competitions.

Further from his professional production, D. Antonio Díaz Del’Bó, has driven his prestige to the cultural and scientific world through his teaching activities, by writing and being interviewed in specialised journals and other mass media, and by participating in international technical exchange and consulting forums. He has been full professor and has lectured at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Buenos Aires, the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.



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