Daily Mirror
by GARCIAGERMAN Arquitectos

Daily Mirror is a permanent installation placed in an open plaza space in the Eurocís Block, facing one of Madrid’s main in-and-out arteries, Maria de Molina Street, which leads to the airport and the Barcelona A-2 Highway.

Daily Mirror incorporates itself in the high speed entrance sequence that penetrates the city, punctuated by big scale local hits such as Torres Blancas, Bancaya Building and Eurocís itself, and thus assumes an oversized scale, celebrating this kinetic enclave, -restless in its permanent flow of people and cars-, by means of a continuous 22m.-long stainless steel mirror focused upon cars and passer byes.

Like a register of this nervous urban flux and daily events, its linearity and reflection can be related to a roll of film continuously unfolding, while its position protects the new garden and plaza behind from noises, and signals the transition between the XIXth and XXth Century Madrid urban grids.

With no precise program or function, this makeshift pavilion acts as a stoppage or a magnet: a place offering shade and protection; water and rest. A door into a garden and a shield towards the noise. An ambiguous sign, gravitating over citizens and traffic, and in which bored drivers stuck in traffic jams can find a moment of surprise when discovering their own reflection.

Arquitectos: GARCIAGERMAN Arquitectos Jacobo García-Germán, Olga González, Marta García, Fernando Cremades, Javier Vidal, Borja Abellán, Ángela Lupiañez, Teresa Carro, Martha Sosa, Javier M. Merino (structure)
Ubicación: Madrid, España
Constructor: Rodríguez Ávila S.L. + Reformas Oro S.L. + Cerrajería Actyme
Cliente: Eurocís Gestión S.L. + Licorella Notte S.L. + Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas
Año: 2015
Fotografia: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Arquitectos: GARCIAGERMAN Arquitectos



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Jacobo García-Germán (1974) is an architect by the Madrid Polytechnic (2000, ETSAM), MA Master in Histories & Theories of Architecture by the Architectural Association School of Architecture (2003), London and PhD doctor (2010, European Doctor) by the Madrid Polytechnic (ETSAM) (cum laude). Since 2004 he is associated teacher in the architectural design department at ETSAM, currently teaching in the Thesis PFC Group directed by professor Juan Herreros.

He has taught in Universidad Javeriana Bogotá (2007-2009), FebelCem Antwerp (2008), Lasalle Tarragona (2009), Escola da Cidade Sao Paulo (2010), Architecture Faculty Ljubljana (2010), Católica de Lima (2012), Escuela de Arquitectura de Pamplona (2012), and Camilo José Cela (2003) and UPSAM (2012) Universities in Madrid. He is co-founder of the Symmetries (symmetries.es) teaching platform for workshops & congresses; Split (2011), Rome (2012) and Lisbon (2012). He is Teaching Curator for Arquitectura Ibérica, Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad (2012-).

After working in the office of Rafael Moneo (1998-2001), he established GARCIAGERMAN ARQUITECTOS (garciagerman.com) in 2003, an office devoted to the exploitation of practical opportunities connecting the fields of education and research with those of building activity. The office has obtained 14 national or international prizes and its built work has won Prizes in the Madrid Town Hall’s Architecture and Urbanisms Prizes in 2001 and 2007. Europan 9’s First Prize Nacka Rings project has been selected as one of the 28 best realizations of Young Spanish Architecture at the Arquía/Próxima Forum 2008. In 2009, the experimental housing project Prototipo Periférico Nº2 was selected for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2009. The office’s work is currently exhibited in the Galería de Arquitectura El Croquis in El Escorial, Madrid, and has been included in different collective exhibitions.

Jacobo García-Germán has curated the exhibitions APFC-ASAP (Madrid ETSAM, 2010) and Madrid Arhitektura (Ljubljana T5 Project Space, 2010) presenting the collective academic results of his teaching activity. He has lectured in different forums and institutions worldwide and his texts and works have been published in specialised books and magazines (Oris, Verb-Actar, Arquitectura Viva, Arquitectos CSAE, Pasajes, CIRCO, On Diseño, AArchitecture, BAU…).