C/ Serrano 28, 1ª Planta
Madrid, SPAIN

Federico Sotomayor Jauregui
Luis Jimeno
Gabriel Fernández
Fernando Sotomayor Dauphin
Cristina Llavona
Ines Perez
Juan Galbis

We are the only architecture firm that develops corporate designs for leading companies mainly in Spain, Morocco and Dubai that wants to express its singularity in a time of fast-paced urban transformation. We develop innovative, avant-garde and integrating designs.

We work with our focus firmly on our clients’ business, striving to help them carry out their own plans in a way that better meets their companies’ needs. By making ourselves experts in their business, needs and objectives, we can embody their ideas in design solutions that are right for their needs and pave the way to the future.

To ensure an efficient sequential process for our clients, we divide our services into three phases. In phase one we define the project’s objectives, in phase two we make those objectives into a doable design backed up by an estimate, and in phase three we define the phases for the design’s implementation.

Our distinctive strength is that we tackle all projects with a global perspective, offering comprehensive service in each and every one of our activities. We adjust our offer to suit our clients’ demands and needs, seeking new business possibilities.

Integrity, professionalism, responsibility, creativity, enterprising spirit and teamwork are part of who we are and how we develop our projects.

Our corporate philosophy is founded on largely proved technical experience, rigorous management and compliance with the deadline, budget and quality compromise of each and every project. We use this overall experience to create products of value, ensuring the total quality of all our services.

We are at your disposal and welcome you to delve into the content of our website to know us and the services we offer.


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