Colective Housing in Claudio Coello

Colective Housing in Claudio Coello
by Arenas, Basabe, Palacios

The commission has consisted of the design, execution and construction of a residential building at 121 Claudio Coello street, right in the middle of the Salamanca district, Madrid. Its exceptional location poses, at the same time, an opportunity and a challenge, due to its remarkable presence from the Juan Bravo bridge in Castellana street.

Conscious of the importance of its location, the project presents a double character thanks to the contrast in its materiality. To Claudio Coello street, the building shows a three-level façade, typical from the district, with base, main body and cornice. This urban perspective has a strict and non-decorated personality, made of precasted modular panels of white concrete.

On the other hand, a lighter and warmer façade looks to the internal, private garden, consisting of large glass surfaces covered by a wooden louvered skin. A lower volume, with a housing unit in two levels, hugs the garden from the north, bringing a more human scale into the ensemble.

The design process has allowed the participation of the future users in the configuration of their respective flats. After defining a strip of serving spaces (storage, dressing rooms, bathrooms, installations, etc.), this support has been interpreted in every floor according to the needs of the inhabitants, creating a made-to-measure home stating from a collective design pattern.

A careful constructive design has resulted in the building standing out thanks to the highest qualification possible in terms of energy efficiency. More specifically, the skin composition has been sensibly thought out, thoroughly choosing the best thermal isolation solutions and top-end windows. The contribution of the wooden louvered façade is, of course, crucial too, as it offers protection from solar incidence, which also means keeping the domestic privacy of users, but at the same time allowing for the greatest views of the city.

With technical innovation in mind, a highly efficient centralized system of installations has been defined, optimizing the energy use according to the always-changing demands of the users. This centralized system constitutes a common skeleton that, together with the spatial organization around that strip of serving spaces previously mentioned, has allowed for a great flexibility during the participatory process of personalization developed with the future inhabitants.

Architecture: Arenas, Basabe, Palacios
Collaborators: Andreas Benéitez, Franca Sonntag, Ángel Villanueva, Lidia Fernández.
Quantity Surveyor: José Ramón Gutiérrez.
Structure: CEIDER SL
Instalations: R. Úrculo Ingenieros Consultores SA
Construction: Gomendio Constructores
Developer: Proyectos ALCONSA SL
Furniture: Vitra
Location: Madrid, Spain
Date: 2020
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)


Architects: Arenas Basabe Palacios
+34 911 427 075
Plaza del Cordón 2, 5º Izq
28005, Madrid, SPAIN

Enrique Arenas Laorga (1974), architect (ETSAM, Madrid) and Doctor Cum Laude (UPM Madrid, 2006) . He has developed projects in very different areas: rehabilitations, housing, institutional and events. He has held lectures at several academic institutions, and taught as professor at the European Institute of Design in  Madrid (IED).

Luis Basabe Montalvo (1975), architect graduated at the TU Graz. He was visiting professor at Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani (DAStU) at Politecnico di Milano, since 2003 he teaches design studio at ETSAM as associate professor. He was guest researcher and guest lecturer at various Universities: RWTH Aachen (Germany), Cambridge (UK) and CEPT Ahmedabad (India).

Luis Palacios Labrador (1983), architect graduated at ETSAM (Madrid, 2009), Master in Advanced Innovation and Technology (ETSAM, 2011) and Doctor Cum Laude (UPM, 2017). He currently teaches design studio as an associated professor. He worked in the Netherlands, investigated in Berlin and held lectures and workshops in India and UK.

arenas basabe palacios is a young architecture and urbanism studio based in Madrid. Its partners Enrique Arenas Laorga, Luis Basabe Montalvo and Luis Palacios Labrador are working together since 2006 and won about thirty prizes in architecture and urbanism competitions since 2006. They gave lectures in diverse institutions and presented their work and investigation in international exhibitions. Their work was publicated in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, US, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, India and Corea.

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