Clinique La Prairie Madrid
Aesthetics & Longevity suite in the Almagro neighborhood

by gon architects

Beauty, health and well-being are some of the terms that are both debated and recurrent present in the history of humanity; Clinique La Prairie, with its first Aesthetics & Longevity center outside of Switzerland, located in the center of Madrid, wants to continue being identified with these concepts. As pioneers in cell therapies who are considering acting against the aging process, where technical innovation is at the level of medical care, this Clinique is linked to a sophisticated luxury hospitality, this is where the challenge of this project seems to be: how to translate and build all these concepts to the space / time of an aesthetic medicine clinic?

The project responds to an understanding of the design of a medical space, about 600 m2, intended for human care and maintenance, as the interior of a body from a transversal approach whose views cover very different fields, which correspond both to the proximity of human relationships, ergonomics, the sensitive world and consumption as well as the technical and professional approach necessary to decide the treatment, control its execution and dimension the spaces for their use, designing the functional elements and incorporating the conditioning system and illumination.

The physical and material structure of the public space (reception, waiting areas and corridors) is organized, both in plan and in section, by white curved walls and dark stone floors; This –soft- system not only enhances and adds value to the transitional spaces of the center, but also facilitates the movement of customers in liquid form through the spaces.

The rest of the clinic -the private areas – (cabinets and offices), maintain the same criteria as the public area, except that white is also present in the pavements, and is characterized by spatial fluidity, being configured as a succession of rooms where both doctors and patients can switch from one to the other without interruption.

The new Clinique La Prairie Madrid is a non-linear interior that symbolizes cleanliness, purity, and hygrothermal comfort where, in addition to a comprehensive medical experience, it offers the client an architectural experience in which the senses intervene.

Architects: gon (Gonzalo Pardo)
Team: Carol Linares, Alejandro Sánchez, Carlos Barranco
Project Manager: Marta Sánchez
Construction: Ancordarq S.L
Counter: Abalit Elementos Moldeados S.L.
Furniture: DomésticoShop
Lighting: Oliva Ilumunación
Location: Madrid, Spain
Client: Clinique La Prairie Spain
Date: 2020
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Architects: gon architects

Calle San Lucas 6, 2º D
28004, Madrid, SPAIN

gon is a Madrid-based architecture and design office headed by Gonzalo Pardo since 2014. His practice focuses on research and development of singular architectural projects of different scales ranging from urban planning to buildings to interior construction.

The common denominator of his works is a playful, experimental, critical and optimistic view of the contemporary. In a constant dialogue based on observation and details, his interest focuses on the creative processes of architectural design and construction, as well as the role of mediation and communication of architecture as fundamental vehicles for transforming the world into a place more sustainable, worthy and free.

Gonzalo Pardo is an architect from ETSAM (School of Architecture of Madrid) since 2007, and has a PhD in Architecture since 2016. His thesis “Body and House: Towards the contemporary domestic space from the transformations of the kitchen and bathroom in the West” obtained the outstanding Cum Laude rating, and received for it the 2016-2017 Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award and an honorable mention in the XI call for the Arquia Foundation Thesis Contest.

Since 2007 he teaches as a visiting professor at different universities and institutions, in subjects with the common denominator of being linked to the project, as in the European Institute of Design (IED), in Madrid; the Illiois Institute of Technology (IIT), in Chicago, United States; Lund University, in Sweden, and the Master in Collective Housing (MCH), in Madrid. He has been a professor in the Master in Architectural Communication (MaCA) and in the Master in Advanced Projects (MPAA) of the Department of Architectural Projects at ETSAM.

He is currently an associate professor in the Department of Architectural Projects at ETSAM, where he teaches undergraduate projects. Member of the Hypermedia research group: Communication Workshop and Architectural Configuration, he directs doctoral theses as a teacher and researcher, as well as numerous End of Master’s Projects (TFM) and Final Degree Projects (TFG).

He has been deputy curator of the Spanish pavilion at the 16th Venice Biennale, and since 2000 he has obtained 41 national and international awards, including the first prize for the remodeling of the AZCA block in Madrid in 2007; the second prizes in the international Skyscraper contests, in New York, and Velux, in Denmark, in 2007; COAM award in 2014 for the Paréntesis curator cycle, and honorable mention in the Europan 14 competition at the Barcelona location. His projects and built work have been widely disseminated in national and international, physical and virtual media.