Curation of an installation on the film studios Cinecittà, within the section Monditalia at the 14 International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia (by invitation of the general curator of Rem Koolhaas).
Corderie dell’Arsenale, Venice (Italy) / 7th June – 23th November 2014.

The studio complex Cinecittà, known as Italy’s “factory of images,” manufactures realties for film and television, and circulates them as fictions gathering together different constituencies. At the same time, these fictions are housed in a walled structure that, though remaining invisible behind them, occupies a large piece of land within the city of Rome. Access to this walled enclave is a precious (and restricted) asset, since its activities congregate an influential set of actors playing roles not only in film, but in broader cultural and economic networks.
“Cinecittá Occupata” reflects on the fictional spaces that gather us, and the spaces of fiction production, and considers Cinecittà as a laboratory for the scrutiny of post-industrial societies—one that has been continuously negotiated and contested.
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Design and research: Ignacio G. Galán
Ignacio G. Galán and Jose Ahedo, design and construction; Cyrus Penarroyo, graphic design;  Jose Meza, diagrams; Jacob Moore, text editor; Juan Rey, structures; Bat Spain, textiles. With video by Hugo Kenzo, drawings by Thomas Kelley and photographs by Begoña Zubero.
Special thanks to Lluis Alexandre Casanovas, Lucia Allais,  Katy Barkan, Sara Martin, Marina Otero, Javier Rubin, Andrea Sabbadini, Azzurra Stilo, Lèa-Catherine Szacka, Fondo Belloni Peressutti, and Cinecittá World.
Supporters: Consejería Cultural Embajada de España en Roma (AECID), AC/E,, Serge Ferrari, Elise Jaffe+Jeffrey Brown

Arquitectos: Ignacio G Galan

igg – office for architecture New York / Madrid

igg – office for architecture is concerned with research and design on the built environment as it is articulated within material and cultural networks configuring contemporary global societies. Its works bridge different scales, from objects and domestic interiors to public buildings and urban strategies. ignacio g. galan studied architecture at ETSA Madrid, TU Delft and obtained his MArchII at Harvard GSD as a Fulbright Scholar. He has been a Fellow at the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome and is currently a PhD Candidate at Princeton University. He develops his research through diverse media and formats—from texts and exhibitions to projects and buildings— and is continuously informed by different kinds of conversations and collaborations. He is active as a critic, writer, curator and educator in diverse platforms. His research has been featured at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, by invitation of the general curator Rem Koolhaas. His designs have been awarded in international competitions, most recently being part of the team winning the First Prize for the construction of the New Velodrome in Medellín. He collaborates in the on-going research project Radical Pedagogies, led by Beatriz Colomina at Princeton SOA, and has co-curated its exhibition at the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale and at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.