Center of visitors of the technological Institute of Renewable Energies


Architect: César Ruiz-Larrea
Location: Granadilla, Tenerife
State: Built

The building is conceived as a bioclimatic building. Ecological architecture which attempts not to deeply alter the ecosystem, to fulfil this purpose it camouflages with the local materials, and it is drafted from from the slope lines of the ground. They are the very same materialized curves of unevenness which constructs the building. It is not introduced any geometry which is no suggested by the topography of the territory. The local rough stone interprets the walls which the men shelter from the wind with. They are volcanic stone bench, the very same which are used by the peasant to shelter their harvests and seeking the refuge to their cattle. Architecture with a slight energy consumption, using sun and wind as energetical resources. Architecture which gets pro-tected from the high temperatures throughout the use of walls of great thermical inertia and which using the current temperatures of the ground beneath the iron wroughts. We insert them in the interior of the building on creating a draft of air which for Venturi’s effect goes up to the high spaces to faint through the windows. Along with the same criteria it is has been drafted three spaces or bioclimatic chimneys at a great height and whose draught through workable windows above them creates a draft natural ventilation which dissipates the heat which goes up and drags the one in the lower level, creating a natural circulation. The green cover that we keep wet all over the day,holds a constant evaporation of itself which dissipates whatsoever warming by radiation and therefore does not introduce heat to the building.Architecture with not so many holes excluively open, facing South to achieve sun energy contribution.

Architects: Ruiz Larrea Asociados

+34 914352678
C/ Lagasca 21, bajo derecha
28001 Madrid, SPAIN
César Ruiz -Larrea Cangas born in Madrid where he graduated as an architect in 1976 from the School of Architecture, has been professor of projects from 1982-2004 . He completed his training in New York and in Spain with some of the teachers as Oíza , Carvajal and Cano Lasso. In 1987 and until 1997 as the Study of Architecture 3AC with Carlos Rubio Carvajal and Enrique Álvarez -Sala Walther . In the year 1997 he constitutes de Ruiz-Larrea & asssociates firm. In 2010 the international firm is OSA , Office for Sustainable Architecture.
He has been guest lecturer at schools of architecture CEU , European University , University of Navarra. Teacher projects and guest speaker and lecturer at leading schools of architecture in our country and abroad. Architect selected in the Venice Biennale , his work has received several national and international awards for architecture .
Vice President of the Spanish Association of Architecture and Sustainability. ( ASA ) International Prize for Architecture Benedict Adwards National Representative in Congress Architecture Green Building Challenge in Tokyo where he received the 1st prize .
Among his works include the architects’ associations Gijon and Oviedo , Sogecable Headquarters in Madrid, the Renewable Energy Center in Pamplona , the headquarters of the National Statistics Institute in Madrid and currently just finished the headquarters of the Andalusian Agency Energy in Seville . His work on Sustainable Architecture is a reference in the Spanish cultural scene and prove of that are the multiple publications on his work and international awards.