b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Calvet 55
E-08021 Barcelona
T +34 93 363 7979
J. Hurtado de Mendoza 19
E-28036 Madrid
T +34 91 376 8214

b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos is first and foremost a team. The study, founded in 1997 and led by Fermín Vázquez -a founding partner along with Ana Bassat- produces architecture that is resolutely contemporary and reflects its commitment to the responsible use of natural resources. The coherence of the firm’s work is based on a distinctive way of working that deliberately avoids the development of a particular style or formalistic approach. Each project emerges from the search for a specific solution, with clients and society as essential reference points. The response to the programme, context, budget and time constraints is necessarily unique.
b720’s team pays great attention into constructive process to give the project the largest possible quality. In this work are involved more than forty professionals between architects and partners spread between the offices in Madrid and Barcelona. 720 is the number assigned to architecture under the international coding system for materials. The name of the team is thus an abstract, codified reflection of the firm’s founding mission to produce good architecture.

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