A project by Martínez Amores Arquitectura

This new corporate and sales centre for health sector products is understood as a space of innovation whose roots are born from the fascinating term of Biointegration. The design of this sculptural and minimalist architecture is based on the integration of recyclable materials and living systems such as local vegetation to improve sustainability, efficiency and the quality of life of the occupants.
For the minimalist façade, the installation of krion was decisive, as it is a thermoformable material, capable of generating curves with imperceptible joints. The continuity of the contour of the entire building, allows to reach to the end of it, a decisive outdoor space not only to generate a natural ecosystem through vegetation, but also with the aim of implementing a clear strategy in key bioclimatic architecture adapting patterns of orientation, solar control and natural ventilation.
The predominance of the colour white in its architecture stands out, with the presence of thin lighting that enhances the changes of plane, together with the furniture in more colourful tones, giving rise to pleasant contrasts.

The success of the architecture in this project required the generation of curves that would enhance the minimalist character. In order to provide a solution to the building’s skin, it was decided to use Krion by Porcelanosa. The colour of the façade, reaching a whiteness level of 99.8% which, in combination with the chromatic range of greens provided by nature, transforms the environment into a model of sustainability. To complete the façade, a curtain wall system made of Alumed aluminium and high solar absorption glass was chosen for the openings.

In the interior, its design with an open, luminous and connected environment, provides employees and clients with an inspiring and healthy space, standing out for the use of materials such as Emco carpets at the entrance of the building, large format Bottega White porcelain tile 120×120 for floors together with Linkfloor graphite for the more private spaces. In the cafeteria area, Matt White in large format was used for the back area. These pieces are installed in a second line, generating gaps that allow LED lighting to pass through. This same material has been installed on the building’s roof parapets. As it is a building with light tones with a predominance of white, we opted for Actiu furniture for interiors and Point for exteriors, with pastel colours, which will help to break with the monotony of the light tones.
Lastly, Tanzania Nut Anti-slip was chosen for the roof, allowing for a completely flat floor with the use of this system.

In the lighting section, a determining factor to enhance the minimalist character, by Tecsoled LED lines. These LEDs stand out for their slimness and ability to rotate, allowing curves to be generated. In addition, suspended luminaires with different solutions were installed. Finally, for specific areas we opted for Lombardo and Xal luminaires.

Arquitectura: Martínez Amores Architecture
Colaboradores: Javier Paricio Caño y Mediurb
Dirección de obra: Juan Martínez Amores (arquitecto) Germán Isaías Regalado Pareja (arquitecto técnico)
Arquitecto Técnico: Germán Isaías Regalado Pareja
Consultores: : Javier Paricio Caño (estructuras) Mediurb (instalaciones)
Constructora: Avia Construcciones y Proyectos SL
Fachada: Porcelanosa, Alumed, Metalicas Luz
Iluminación: Sombras Iluminación
Mobiliario: Actiu y Point
Paisajismo: La chica de las plantas
Cliente: Alicantina Distribuciones Medicas SAU (Aldimesa)
Superficie construida: 1.899,80 m2
Localización: Alicante, Spain
Fecha: 2024
Fotografía: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Architects: Martinez Amores

En Martínez Amores abordamos cada proyecto como un nuevo reto, prestando atención a los detalles y explorando todas sus posibilidades.

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