A playground for Clohe

A playground for Clohe
by Antonio Alonso

The premises provided by the client requested a completely isolated house in the plot, without a facade to the street and without being attached at any point to the party walls. The site of irregular proportions, narrow and deep, with a powerful longitudinal axis perpendicular to the façade has a drop of more than 2.5m.
This quality is reflected in the project from the moment of its genesis, understanding that the focus of the views from the rear garden, channeled by the surrounding buildings, it would turn the roof into one of the main facades of house, therefore it was treated from the beginning as such.
The initial conditions, exempt housing and the need to include a ramp for access to vehicle forced a linear distribution of the rooms, with a long and distressing corridor as the backbone of the project. The hallway becomes the main element of the house.
It becomes a multifunctional space, breaking up the minimum housing program into small blocks that acquiring different orientations allows, in addition to achieving views of the garden instead of direct views of the dividing wall, generate a series of interstitial spaces that house the most versatile functions of inhabit, with a more open spatiality, illuminated and focusing outdoor spaces with vegetation. An unexpected space in the domestic environment, the inside‐outside, where any activity is possible. From eating, reading, rest, dream … A space where imagination comes to life, the playground for the small one of the house, Chloe’s playground.

Architecture: Antonio Alonso
Client: Private
Location: Peraleda de la Mata, Cáceres
Date: 2020
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Architects: Antonio Alonso


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Antonio Alonso is a young architect who since finished his studies at ETSAM in 2017 founded his own architecture studio. Dedicating himself to presenting public competitions and private proyects, having focused his work mainly in the field of domestic architecture, developing small single‐family housing projects in rural areas.
In 2020 their first work, A playground for Clohe, a single‐family home in the Extremadura town of Peraleda de la Mata, is selected as one of the 12 best homes built in 20 years to represent the region in the Casas magazine of the Nobuko publishing.