81 viviendas en Carabanchel para la EMV

Architect: Atxu Amann, Andres Canovas, Nicolas Maruri
Madrid, Spain 11/2009
Client: emvs- madrid
Surface: 8,000.00m²

0. The proposal is not built from the review of the traditional housing block but from the attributes of the slab of minimum width perforated with through holes.
1. This situation of minimum bandwidth allows an inner space of considerable size, a public space in the heart of the project, a space that is half open and connected to the whole sprawl, boldly assuming an ambiguous condition, exterior and interior at the same time.
3. The flat is a house with a yard. This small house garden is linked to the interior of the block, the street and the living room. The yard is a sunny place in the winter and cool place in the summer. With cross views of the inside and outside of the block, the garden and the street, light and shadow.
4. The clustering of dwellings is obtained from mechanical necessities. The interior is made with integrated furniture; versatile space with openings available in the wall. The exterior body is constructed of metal, therefore acts as a ventilated façade. The building is an ordered set of car bodies whose metallic colours are the choice for users.
0910 acm viviendas carabanchel 017

Architects: ACM-Temperaturas Extremas


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C/ Golondrina 80
28023, Aravaca, Madrid, SPAIN

Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas and Nicolás Maruri associate in 1987 and settle in Madrid. Since then, they have focused on searching new housing units types and housing blocks reconfiguration, according to contemporary public space and urban issues. As an office they have received more than seventy national and international awards, such as, Best State Subsidized Housing Block by Government of Madrid, Best Architectural Proposal by the Government of Murcia, First Prize Biennale Zaragoza and National Housing Award forefront. His most recent exhibitions were held at the AA in London, in NAI Rotterdam in IIT Chicago, Arizona CAPLAN, in the Venice Biennale, at the Cervantes Institute in Rio, Sao Paulo, Paris, Rome and New York, AEDES Gallery in Berlin, at the RIBA in London, and in many colleges and halls of architecture in Spain. They teach at the ETSAM (Madrid School of Achitecture). His work has been broadcast in more than three hundred magazines and books worldwide.