by delaVegaCanolasso

Two-piece marks the beginning of the tinyhome project (, prefabricated modular homes, made in Spain, and transported via truck.
This project was completely tailor made, an consists of a 100% cor-ten steel sheet piece that completes the existing volume.

The first piece, a house with simple and elegant architecture, which has been renovated with a solar controlled curtain wall with, a self-regulating slat facade, as well as the addition of a deciduous trees that will protect the house from the summer ́s sun while letting it through in Winter.

The Second piece, a custom made steel prefab module.
A small cor-ten piece of latticework.
A filtered entrance that shapes the setting sun and creates the anteroom of the house. An access hall that allows the transition between house and steppe.
This piece completes the first. One opaque and mysterious; the other ample and exposed.

2 materialities , 2 concepts, two-pieced.Credits:
Architects: delaVegaCanolasso
Team: Ignacio de la Vega, Pilar Cano-Lasso
Construction: tinyhome /
Client: Private
Location: Toledo, Spain
Surface: 220+40m2
Date: 2020
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

Architects: De la Vega Cano Lasso

+34 649 95 44 60
+34 660 069 099
Madrid, SPAIN

Pilar Cano Lasso
Arquitecto por la Universidad San Pablo Ceu

Ignacio de la Vega
Arquitecto por la universdad politécnica de Madrid

“La brecha que separa a los arquitectos de la sociedad es algo que debe preocuparnos especialmente. La sociedad es nuestro cliente y en gran medida la arquitectura es un reflejo de la sociedad que la construye. La sociedad esta desorientada y los arquitectos, con nuestras modas y caprichos, tenemos mucha culpa. Hoy la arquitectura es para arquitectos”

Julio Cano Lasso

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